World-class industrial park

Following an exhaustive analysis of 40 potential locations in North America, IFFCO Canada chose to set up its industrial complex in the Bécancour Port and Industrial Park which is suited for a plant of this nature. In addition, the park’s management authority, Société du Parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour, is a public corporation mandated by the Québec government to promote the advent of new companies and provide the necessary infrastructure for the setup and operation of large-scale industrial projects.

Localisation du site de l’entreprise

Location of IFFCO Canada site at Bécancour Port and Industrial Park
(photo credit: Guy Beauchesne)

The Bécancour Port and Industrial Park meets all the criteria for the establishment of the future industrial complex:

    • Strategic location for the distribution and sourcing of materials
      in Québec’s agricultural heartland, with direct access to North American and international markets; accessible year-round via St. Lawrence Seaway
    • Reliable infrastructure and quality industrial services
      including a deep-water seaport; rail and highway networks; industrial power distribution network; industrial water distribution and treatment facilities
    • Availability and accessibility of natural gas
      via the existing connection to gas supply network
    • Access to an extensive pool of skilled workers
      with established industrial experience
    • Project site a good distance away from residential areas
      creating a buffer zone between the industrial complex and surrounding communities

Site selection

The unique characteristics of this world-class industrial park and full service seaport, an undeniable added benefit, proved to be the deciding factors in the case at hand.

IFFCO Canada initially entertained setup on lots 3 and 4 of Bécancour Port and Industrial Park.

However, following the first phase of public consultations organized by IFFCO Canada representatives, a large number of stakeholders clearly indicated their preference for the former Norsk Hydro site, which had already been cleared of trees, was located farther from neighbouring residential areas and included fewer wetland areas than lots 3 and 4.

IFFCO Canada took these arguments into consideration and, in January 2013, acquired lot 6, formerly occupied by Norsk Hydro.

Site layout

The site occupies an area of 191 hectares. The plant and services will be set up in the southeast quadrant of the site and occupy about 70 hectares. A portion of the remaining space will be set aside for potential expansion. Fertilizer production infrastructure will be clustered in the area bordering Raoul-Duchesne Boulevard.


The industrial complex will comprise two production units. The first will be used to produce anhydrous ammonia which will be fed via closed circuit to the second unit where the urea will be produced.

In addition to the two production units, industrial infrastructure and equipment will include reactors, heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, silos as well as gaseous and liquid emissions treatment equipment.

Facilities will reach a maximum height of 90 metres. A marshalling yard and loading facilities are planned for the eastern quadrant of the site. A completely enclosed conveyor system will transport granular urea to the port area where a ship-loader will be installed.

Granular urea manufactured onsite will be transported via conveyor to a storage area before being expedited by road, maritime or rail transport to various distribution points. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) will be stored in a secure tank onsite before being shipped to clients in tanker trucks.

Overview of future plant

Overview of future plant