Project Overview

The project aims to build and operate a nitrogen fertilizer production plant to meet the needs of farmers primarily in Québec and abroad. The industrial complex will be located in the Bécancour Port and Industrial Park in central Québec.

At present, Québec farmers must rely on suppliers located primarily in the Middle East and Northern Europe to meet 100% of their urea product needs. IFFCO Canada’s arrival will provide local farmers with a secure supply of quality fertilizer produced locally.

Building model for future

IFFCO Canada aims to build Québec’s first fertilizer production facility and intends to make it a model for industry stakeholders. The new plant will stimulate the Québec economy, the Bécancour region in particular, through the creation of new, sustainable, quality jobs. Additionally, the project will position Québec as a new and important player in the fertilizer industry.

La région de Bécancour

Aerial perspective of urea production plant at Bécancour
(photo credit: Guy Beauchesne)

Growth market

IFFCO Canada has developed a business strategy based on comprehensive market knowledge, the object being to position the company advantageously in a growing sector of industry.

Sound, realistic project

This project is based on a combination of sound foundations and realistic objectives:

  • Leverage IFFCO’s proven expertise in building and operating a world-class fertilizer production plant in Québec;
  • Prioritize servicing of the Québec market which relies 100% on imports to meet current urea needs;
  • Provide Québec farmers with reliable access to a quality product, that’s locally produced, competitively priced, and has a lower carbon footprint;
  • Develop fresh industrial expertise in Québec.

Dynamic, complementary partners

A partnership agreement was entered into on 27 December 2012 between IFFCO Canada, La Coop fédérée, Investissement Québec and Pacific Gateway Energy with a view to setting up a fertilizer production plant at Bécancour. This strategic partnership brings together two major, service-oriented agricultural cooperatives. Under the agreement, La Coop fédérée committed to distributing 500 000 tonnes of urea per year across the organization’s extensive network.

Quality jobs

The construction and operation of the IFFCO Canada plant will mobilize a large labour pool. Many quality job positions will be created for: engineers; process, laboratory, instrument and maintenance technicians; as well as management and support staff.