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IFFCO Canada releases findings of environmental impact study

Bécancour, June 19, 2013 – The Environmental Impact Study conducted by IFFCO Canada with respect to the company’s fertilizer plant project at Bécancour is now available for consultation. Additional documents, including an executive summary of the main study, can be found under ‘Reports/Studies’ on the company’s website at

These documents have been released prior to hearings scheduled by Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) in the region.

IFFCO Canada recognizes the host community’s right to understand project benefits and impact, as well as technology-related risks associated with the industrial operations of the proposed plant.


About IFFCO Canada
IFFCO Canada is a Canadian company founded in 2012 on the initiative of the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in the world. Both the company and partner La Coop fédérée boast a history firmly rooted in cooperative culture. Guided by values of social responsibility and sustainable development, IFFCO Canada pledges respect for neighbouring communities and protection of the environment. Through Investissement Québec, the project enjoys the financial support of the Government of Québec. Commissioning of the IFFCO Canada plant has been scheduled for 2017.

Yvan Martin, Regional Communications Manager
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Environmental Impact Study (Available in French only )